Oak Chalet

Mukteshwar - India

Oak Chalet is a secluded guest house nestling deep in the woods of the Indian Kumaon Himalayan foothills.


Oak Chalet is built on the ancestral land known as Gahana Orchards, which is spread over several acres of mountain terrain, Gahana Orchards is the ancestral home of the Mehra family. It was built by ADC (Aide-de-Camp) Bacchi Singh Mehra, who was the right hand man to the Maharaja Jind of Patiala before the independence of India and until 1966. Oak Chalet is now run by Bacchi Singh ji’s grandson, Manoj Mehra.



Oak Chalet is a fine example of the blend of traditional and modern craft. It was built by local artisans in the fast disappearing arts of traditional Kumaoni stone masonry and carpentry.


Oak Chalet is situated near the temple town of Mukteshwar,  at an altitude of 2286m (7500 ft).


This area was made famous by its jungle wildlife as described in Jim Corbett’s account of his 1910 shikar (hunt) for the “The Muktesar Man-eater”, now long gone.

The footpath to Oak Chalet guesthouse leads towards the peace of mountain life
Oak Chalet in the dense Himalayan forest: quiet, secluded, yet easily accessible


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